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Termite Damage
Perry's Termite Service & Repair
Pictured above: we tore down the original rotted (and termite infested)
fence and constructed a new fence and installed a new door.
Photos above: Southern California project. We removed a rotted
patio and installed a new patio
Protruding rafter with drywood termite damage and wood decay damage
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Drywood Termites- After shedding their wings, a
King termite will follow a Queen termite (by-way-of
pheromone scent trails) and the two will bore into the
wood, seal the opening, and begin to create a new
termite colony.
(Pictured right)- Drywood Termite damage to
rafter tails on the exterior of a residential home.
(Picture above)- termite damage to
two truss tails on the exterior of the home.
-All of our exterior wood repairs include a primer coat
and we can paint the wood if the owner furnishes the
Photo above: a replaced rafter tail
Drywood termite damage to a patio post support
Drywood termite damage to a fascia board
(Click to view larger image)
termite damage to stud
walls around windows.
Pictured above- Subterranean termite
damage to a sheet-rock wall.