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Repair work (Before & After)
Perry's Termite Service & Repair
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Rebuilt 2-story planter box
Installed new trim wood and siding
Photos to the right:
Repaired window framing
Rebuilt exterior staircase
Installed new pressure-treated patio post
Photos to the right:
1). Removed existing wall.
2). Installed a new  6 x 12
header & 6 x 6 supports.
3). Installed new 4-panel
sliding doors.
Removal of old patio & cover
Installed new patio & cover
3 photos below & left:
Replaced  patio support
Photo below: Another view of the rebuilt patio noted above
3 photos below: Replaced  rafter tail
Note: when replacing rafter tails, make certain that the termite damaged rafter tail is not simply cut to the blocking (or stucco) and new
wood nailed to the existing rafter, especially when replacing 2 rafters that are next to each other (in line). To ensure roof support,  the
tail end of the new rafter must be supported by either replacing the entire rafter, all the way to the ridge, or installing the tail end of the
new rafter to just past the top-plating and a second stick (rafter) sistered or doubled-over joining the new rafter to the existing.
2 photos below:
Rebuilt exterior staircase
3 photos below: Removed rotted siding and replaced with  new wood and trim board
New patio we built
Before picture of a rotted 6 x 12 patio beam
After picture of replaced beam
All the repairs shown on this page were performed at our California location